or are the models used to advertise Stannah stairlifts, getting younger?   Or could it be that I am getting nearer in age to that particular demographic?   I ask this question as I’m still limping and have too much time on my hands.  Having undertaken a stress test, Massimo has suggested that I don’t run in tomorrow’s half-marathon.

I was almost in tears when I realised that my hamstring hadn’t healed. As Massimo pointed out, I could run and would probably do further damage and not make the Marathon, so missing this event and giving myself time to heal is sensible.

To think, six months ago I would have been thrilled at the news that I was unable to run a race but now, although I still hate the “run”, part of me enjoys the end result and the immense feeling of achievement I’m getting every time I survive one.  I even hate to admit that I almost look forward to run days and am feeling really frustrated that I am once more sedentary and having to spend most of my exercise time “stretching”.


Also, I’ve read another book  and am now going everywhere barefoot (around the house).   My feet used to be 4 1/2  now I wear size 5.   According to my interpretation of the book it means the muscles in my foot have relaxed after years of being encased in shoes.    If you put a leg in plaster for weeks, the muscles atrophy so does it follow that if we encase our feet in shoes, we limit the natural movement of muscles in and around the feet?  I understand that many of the great runners undertake some training barefoot.  However, this aspiring ageing athlete will not be running on any pavement in bare feet (have you seen the state of them post snow and ice,  let alone what people allow their dogs to leave behind?)

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