Went for a PT session with Massimo today.  As my leg is almost healed, but not quite, we worked on upper body.

I didn’t think I had so many muscles in my upper body but we found them all! Cant wait to start running again (a phrase I would not usually utter).

When I came to eat my sandwich at lunchtime, my had wasn’t quite shaking, more of an oscillation.


5 fingers running shoes

I now have a wonderful set of “Five Fingers” which, despite the name, are running shoes.  However, although I will be wearing them for running, I wont be running the Marathon in them.   I have been told that it takes the feet a few months to get used to the change of footwear.

In the meantime, I’m working them in around the house -  the dog thinks they are alien invaders and lies in wait.  All I need now is to trip over the  “attack” dog so am very wary – of course these shoes are so light that I will probably be leaping tall buildings shortly.

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