I am pleased to report that I went for my first run since I went lame on 11th Feb – a dark day.  Everything worked and I didn’t feel tired or more damaged – I did plunge into a cold bath on my return (just in case).

The leg is still sore, but in a different place and having spent most of last night sitting on a tennis ball, much to my husband’s amusement, I am not sure if the muscle is still aching due to the tear or suffering from sever bruising following excessive massage and ball sitting!

These have been desperate times.  My left leg  seized up, I’ve had a cold – just as I was doing so well  – it was not condusive to a peak performance.

I went to the gym on Wednesday and did the first treadmill fartlek for a couple of weeks. Heart and lungs fine, leg rubbish.   Massimo who was also looking peaky put me on the tortuous adductor and abductor machines.  Almost stopped me talking – but not quite.

I was silenced when attempting to balance on the Bosu ball.  Standing on one foot really works the core muscles as this jolly tribe demonstrate.  Well actually they don’t as the Bosu is inverted for the balancing trick and you stand on the black platform!

I needed a good workout and felt much more positive and when the sun came out today, I knew it was time to start running again. I adoped the ultra marathon running technique of tiny fast steps and very little body movement with a good upright posture and it worked for me. So it’s more core muscle exercises so that I can keep bolt upright for 5 hours.  Not long now…

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