The best thing that happened to me this week, including being able to run again, was seeing the Space Station and Shuttle chasing each other through the night sky. Thanks to James (oldest son) who alterted me to this event.

No binoculars needed, there they were, two bright lights at 21 degrees above the horizon, (James tells me they would have been directly overhead if you were in Spain).

My love of things “spacey” started with Dr. Who’s first episode and continued with Star Trek in the ’60s.  The highlight, being able to watch the Moon landings live  on the TV in 1969.  I was the only member of the household to stay up all night watching the flickering images – it was mesmerising!

Times have moved on though,  last week Christian (middle son) sent me a Tweet he’s following, it was from the Space Station. Images of the earth, which moved early space warriors to tears, are flying to our mobiles with ease.  I am never surprised by technology’s gadgetry,  Clarke & Roddenberry and their ilk  always seem to have been  there first!  But  it’s still special to follow people clever enough and brave enough to lead us out into the stars.

Ironic then that I’m so enthusiastic about technology when my latest project involves the biomechanics of movement in the ageing body,  on long runs I just wish Scotty would beam me up!

1 month 6 days, 23 hours to go       don’t forget  CLDF need our help as much as I need Scotty’s

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