I was under instruction to run for an hour and if not too uncomfortable, I had to keep going. It was a pleasant day, probably one of the best I’ve been out in, and although my hamstring hurt, I was able to adjust my stride and kept going without too much discomfort.

As I wasn’t planning on running far today, I didn’t eat particularly well yesterday – and felt it! I had a couple of pieces of toast and a small banana for breakfast but after a while I began to run out of steam. Worse I only took a tiny bottle of water.

However, I did have a large bag of Jelly Babies and that boosted me enough to get me round.

So, with lack of nutrition and water, I still managed to do a decent run – the first one for a month.

A plunge into a freezing bath helped the soreness but unfortunately, I had to sit in a meeting for three hours this afternoon so David was pressed into action as a masseur – he did a sterling job.

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