…culminated with me staggering into the hall and collapsing with a whimper to the floor where I had to stay until the pain in my hips subsided.  I then crawled to the bathroom, which fortunately is on the ground floor, and plunged into the freezing water where I sat shivering for only a couple of minutes (not really long enough).

Luckily my godson Andrew (Georgina’s brother) turned up a few minutes later and made reviving tea and within minutes I was feeling a great deal better.

I’ve now recovered, the faintness and queesiness have gone and can get up the stairs without holding the bannister, so there’s a plus.  I am told that running that distance, on busy roads, alone, is a hard thing to do compared to the encouraging atmosphere of running with 37,000 other madmen. I’ll let you know!

However, I also felt quite bad after my first 12 mile run – but subsequent runs never hurt as much -  and that is why these activities are called “training runs”, so let’s hope it’s done the trick.

With only a couple of weeks to go, I am now looking forward to the event, not just to get it over with but hopefully to enjoy running with other people, it’s been a solitary experience apart from the training hour I spend with Massimo once a week.

Mustn’t forget the charity that I’m putting myself through this for, the Childrens Liver Disease Foundation do such excellent work and need all our support.  I’m lucky enough to be healthy enough to put myself through this without too much discomfort, and get  a tremendous feeling of satisfaction from hitting my goals week by week – I just hope that I hit my sponsorship target.

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