I travelled up to London’s ExCel centre early on Wednesday, anyone living in or near London was asked to avoid the busy days of Friday and Saturday.   Everything is so well organised, I had my number, red plastic bag (very important) and electronic tag within minutes.

There was excitement and concern in the air, my stomach was in a knot but having overheard a couple of comments  “I fell downstairs last night” and “I’ve already lost some of my toenails”, I realised I wasn’t the only one who was on edge.  I just can’t wait to get started (get it over with) and  hopefully enjoy the day.

The pressing concern is what tunes to put on my Nano and to make sure I pack my trainers on the day.

There are 24 runners for Children’s Liver Disease Foundation so if you are watching the race we will be in blue T-shirts with yellow trim.

Hopefully I’ll be in this year’s group photo, last year’s look a relieved bunch!

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